Harnessing Community Insights

Dive into social and digital media, understanding markets, brands, competitors, and audiences. Keep a constant pulse on trends, fostering insights crucial for community-driven organizations.

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Holistic Capacity

 Collection, analysis & interpretation of data derived from various sources on the internet, Hapttic is utilising advanced search techniques, data mining tools, and crawling technics far superior than others

  • Tune In

    Plug into online chatter, buzz, and brand mentions. Tap into social media, forums, and news to gather valuable insights.

  • Discover Your Tribe

    Dive into mentions, comments, and inquiries, actively engaging with your tribe. Forge bonds, fuel brand devotion and magnify positivity through impactful interactions.

  • Understand the Buzz

    Analyse and unravel trends, sentiments, and key themes. Discover hidden patterns, spot influencers, and grasp the heartbeat of your community.

  • Engage

    Supercharge your strategy! Harness insights to fine-tune marketing mojo, level up your communication strategies and unlock the growth opportunities.


Hapttic’s comprehensive AI-enabled consumer intelligence platform blended with the custom analytical methodologies and machine learning frameworks grants the universal capacity to understand and influence the world around you. 

  • News and Social Media Monitoring Tools in One Platform

    PR and social media are closely aligned, so why should you use two separate tools for tracking social media mentions and news coverage? With Meltwater you can monitor your brand in traditional broadcast, print, and online news, alongside social media -saving you time and money.

  • The Ultimate Social Listening Tool

    Whenever somebody mentions your brand on social media, or talks about a topic that's important to your business, you should know about it. Meltwater offers the industry's most comprehensive social listening platform, so you can be sure you never miss a thing.

  • Enterprise-Grade Social Listening & Analytics Simplified

    Use social media monitoring to grow your brand's impact online and stay ahead of the pack! Listen to conversations that will help you understand and engage your audience.