Decoding the emotions for your desired topics

With Hapttic, you can unlock the hidden pulse of user sentiment and public attitude with tailored resonating features that ignite your insights.

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A Closer Look

With a seamless blend of internet intelligence and your brand's interests, hapttic ensures that every sentiment analysis is as unique as it should be. By correlating these two elements, we assist you in crafting personalised campaigns for your brand, services, or products. 

  • Define

    Design your comprehensive listening campaign by specifying the channels, geographies, themes, topics, and relevant words and phrases to monitor and analyse

  • Align

    Our advanced algorithms are tailored to comprehensively analyze and interpret data specific to your understanding, ensuring accurate and valuable insights.

  • Amplify

    Recognizing that not all campaigns are flawless from the start, hapttic empowers you to continuously improve performance and further tailor the discovery tactics to unlock the hidden insights.

  • Convert

    Leverage analytics to connect deeply with your audience, crafting strategies that resonate on an emotional level.


AI and Machine Learning based functionality covers large range of data identification and categorisation models with addition to topic modelling and deep semantic analytics.

  • News and Social Media Monitoring Tools in One Platform

    PR and social media are closely aligned, so why should you use two separate tools for tracking social media mentions and news coverage? With Meltwater you can monitor your brand in traditional broadcast, print, and online news, alongside social media -saving you time and money.

  • The Ultimate Social Listening Tool

    Whenever somebody mentions your brand on social media, or talks about a topic that's important to your business, you should know about it. Meltwater offers the industry's most comprehensive social listening platform, so you can be sure you never miss a thing.

  • Enterprise-Grade Social Listening & Analytics Simplified

    Use social media monitoring to grow your brand's impact online and stay ahead of the pack! Listen to conversations that will help you understand and engage your audience.